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Dentures Q&A

What are dentures?

Dentures are an artificial set of teeth and gums that are made to replace your natural teeth. They can be designed to replace some teeth or all the teeth depending on the need.

Who needs Dentures?

While dental trauma is one of the most common reasons for getting dentures, there are other reasons why people opt for them. Your natural teeth can also fall due to age and lack of care. In cases where placing a cap is not recommended, the doctor can suggest wearing dentures.

Are dentures safe?

Dentures these days are designed with the materials such as resin that are not just comfortable but also replicate the natural feel of your gums and teeth. They are a safe replacement to your teeth and can function exactly like your set of real teeth.

What are some of the problems I can face when I wear dentures?

Initially dentures can cause some discomfort, until you get used to wearing them. Swelling in the gums, a little bleeding in the gums and pain can be experienced for a short period, these are common. We promise to make this journey as comfortable as possible for you.

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