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Oral Surgery Q&A

What Surgical Extractions Can I Get at White Hill Dental?

Through the services offered by Dr. Singh and her dental team, patients can receive a variety of procedures like extractions, wisdom and impacted teeth removals, complex surgeries, and root tip extractions. In order to have healthy functioning teeth, wisdom and impacted teeth may need to be removed because they cause infection, pain, or swelling. For removal of such conditions, the patient’s mouth is numbed to prevent pain and discomfort during the procedure, followed by an incision to remove any affected teeth. If the tooth is broken below the gums or if the tooth is in multiple pieces lodged in the gums, the patient is required to receive a complex surgical extraction that also involves making an incision. Moreover, root tip extractions are essential when parts of a tooth remain in the jaw due to a partially knocked out tooth or an unsatisfactory prior removal.

When Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed

With regular dental visits, doctors at White Hill Dental will be able to monitor and evaluate any kind of teeth needs. There could be multiple situations in which we can identify if a patient requires a wisdom tooth removal. This includes crowding, infection, an impacted tooth, or pain as a result of wisdom teeth. In such instances, our dentists at White Hill Dental recommend scheduling a wisdom tooth removal to avoid further pain and possible complications.

Can I Get a Sinus Lift at White Hill Dental?

When a patient requires a sinus lift, the experienced team of dentists at White Hill Dental provide the service. A sinus lift is performed to increase the amount of bone present in the upper jaw, typically necessary prior to getting a dental implant on the upper jaw. Equipped with the most advanced techniques, our team is dedicated to providing oral surgeries, including sinus lifts, in a comfortable environment.